Felicegals Most Popular Star Products Vol.2

Vintage Jewelry Styles That Will Make You Excited To Dress Up Again

Lately I've doing some digging into some of our earlier rings and really got inspired by how effortlessly they can match with our different looks while preserving their own vintage vibes. 

And here are five of the rings that I found that can go with your every look.


1.Moissanite Pear Cut Rose Gold Ring

The center stone adopts a 1.5-carat pear-shaped cutting process and is set on a rose gold ring setting. Inspired by the Latin Sub rosa-"under the rose". Legend has it that Horus met Venus, the goddess of love, and Cupid, the son of goddess of love, gave a rose to Horus to keep a secret. Therefore, "under the rose" means keeping the secret, expressing loyalty to love, and keeping it. In addition to the classic and romantic design concept, broken diamonds are used to decorate the periphery of the main stone, and the symmetrical point decoration of "Calaby-Yau Manifold" is used pioneeringly, embellished with a little broken diamonds and rose color. A ring of love that is very worth buying.



2.Pear Shaped Lab Emerald Rose Gold Ring

This is a carefully polished engagement ring. The 14k rose gold ring gently surrounds the "gift for Venus"-a pear-shaped emerald center stone. Both the shoulder and the ring are decorated with sporadic beading designs, and the overall space is internal and not open, only to highlight the emerald stone located in the center of the stars. The elegant green tone of the ring face and the light golden brilliance of the surrounding guards naturally outline the pure beauty of this ring, providing the wearer with the enjoyment of the combination of VVS-level clarity of craftsmanship and nature. Emerald has been mentioned in the Vedas and the Old Testament of the Bible, and has been endowed with the value of beauty, life and dignity. Its superior green is similar to a flower called sharisha in Sanskrit, symbolizing sophistication and life. It is this gorgeous emerald ring that can take you into the wonderful experience space.



3.Oval 1.5ct Moissanite Rose Gold Halo Ring

The ring arm is surrounded by elegant rose gold, telling the lingering sweet moments. The elegant arc is only to highlight the outline of this 1.5ct oval cut moissanite, with brilliance blooming between the fingers. The careful arrangement of 22 round-cut Moissanite diamonds gleams with a bright halo, creating a lifelike sense of hierarchy and interpreting the holy appearance of love.



4.Pear Shaped Moissanite 6-Prong Ring

The 14K pure rose gold ring arm is wrapped in the shape of an infinite symbol, meaning endless love. The patchwork Marquise-cut Moissanite and the 1.5ct pear cut Moissanite form a beautiful love poem. The smooth and atmospheric arcs outlines the vigorous vitality. Bringing back the retro trend of the 18th century, the ring appreciates the romantic and bright dreams.



5. 2ct Oval Colorless Moissanite Yellow Gold Ring

The golden nobility came into view, and the darkness couldn't hide the glittering brilliance. 22 brilliant round-cut Moissanite diamonds are dotted around the 2ct central Moissanite. The simple and atmospheric shape reflects dazzling brilliance and blooms with vitality, creating an elegant and luxurious retro look.